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unwiki | 2009
Video | Wayne Madsen

What you are seeing is a language model re-writing eight selected wikipedia entries using revision/deleted data from Art, Artificial Intelligence, Ideology, Justice, Anarchism, Truth, Consciousness, and Tradition. There is a text-to-speech component where the computer is reading aloud the entries as they write them. Once the machine is finished re-writing an entry, it will update and revise again, using the same data/language model but producing new results. This video is a short proof-of-concept for the actual algorithm. has become a repository for mainstream understanding of truth. The model for writing Wikipedia stems from a dialogic-anarchist system where anyone can alter an entry, but those who disagree with you will challenge that information. The process of accepting content is not the result of voting, but through editing and a concessive discussion. The Foucauldian panoptic model of power details that the “exercise of power is not uniform and linear, but full of contradictions and irregularities that are constantly being challenged and reinterpreted.” (Pope-Davis, p. 94) All content removed through this non-democratic method of community editing are listed in the Wikipedia deletion log. By using this database, the computers in this room are mediating between information which has been deleted and information which has won the power struggle, by assigning each individual word a statistical value of occurrence.

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