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haunting, never, touching | 2019
Video | Reouth Keren

The video haunting, never, touching describes ways in which value is determined is examined through the object, the image and people. It portrays a state of detachment and search.

The images in the video are taken from hacked CCTV footage, found while surfing the web. The hacked image is appropriated and restaged as a video collage. The world is documented through the eye of a surveillance camera, authorities and control strategies. The use of appropriated footage raises questions of authorship, privacy and the value of the digital image. The collection of images becomes a temporary archive, while the format of live streaming allows this archive to change and refresh constantly.

The text that escorts the images is read by two voices. One voice is of a person that is groundless, denied by a system. The second describes and examines the moving images while raising questions of power structures and value. Both try to find a place where existence is not depended on value, and realize it might only exist in the unregistered.

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