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SquirrelShare | 2019
Smartphone / SquirrelShare® Technology / Helvetica Font | Christoph Pelczar

The piece envisions a dystopian future where the scarcity of local wildlife has prompted conglomerates to provide transfer services in order to satisfy consumer’s urge for a diversified fauna through an active exchange of animals between nearby recreation grounds. It depicts a scenario where animals have been reduced to a mere commodity, allowing individuals to curate their local natural environment through active sharing of ‘assets’ free of charge, albeit not without agreeing to a policy form which subsequently collects private data of the user. The agreement policy is further inaccessible obscuring the company’s actual intent, indicating the precarious nature of data-gathering as well as the increasingly unrestrained faith consumers are required to provide in return of digital commerce services. Hence the piece attempts to champion the audience’s understanding of sharing algorithms, which supposedly bridge the gap between technology and human interaction in an increasingly lonesome world.

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