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Pelmen Has Boiled (Пельмень Сварился) | 2019
Digital 3D Model | Vlada Predelina

Dumpling making has a regional cultural history as well as an intimate personal one. Ural pelmeni (as the dumplings are called) have a specific taste of home, mixed with memories of sitting in a standard apartment in an average block in a 1 million people city in the Urals.

The apartment belongs to grandparents, where every celebration is grand, loud, full of food and dancing.

Pelmeni are made by a production line of family and friends, old and young, hands in dough, kids in flour dust, women chatting by the boiling pots of water, men mixing around the mince between smoking breaks, have a taste … needs more pepper.

Nobody left behind, everyone involved, loud and happy, hot and red-faced,

drinks pouring,

laughter echoing.

First load of cooked pelmeni arrives on the table, smothered in butter, sprinkled with dill and parsley, it’s met with loud exclamations and dozens of plates, let’s eat and celebrate,

where is grandad’s special dumpling sauce?

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