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OBLIQUE-00X, OBLIQUE-00X[NOISE], NoiseScape-001 | 2019
Video / Sound | Jakob Wächter

I like the idea of exploring this vast space of possible images which we experience as random... By far most possible images are what we experience as random... With digital images you can even say how many possible images there are pixels x pixels x possible colors. Humans tend to reduce this space to a monochromatic background and added cultural determined forms, so I try to explore the space of possible images from random pixel distributions and then carve something out of it... in the noisescape I took a photo of a print of Gaussian noise and distorted and blurred it with with a tilt shift cam.

The audio is something I made a long time ago,
it's a patch in which the audio signal is used to trigger the midi notes,
a feedback loop and it just triggers itself forever randomly...

OBLIQUE comes from Architecture Oblique.
In a time of new bodies of queer bodies, what kind of non-binary forms are there? What would be a possibility to reveal visual forms which explore potential forms which can somehow express or discover what queer/non-binary bodies/forms might be... (in Architecture Oblique processes they tried to literally transcend 'straight' lines!)

I took a lot of photos of architecture by Jean Nouvel to collect something like visual seeds for further experiments.

Then I made from these seeds new combinations.

I converted these image files in noise

...using the noise to trigger midi notes with it

Then I let it play by piano samples (OBLIQUE - 00X).

My dream is to one day let it play from a real piano!

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Instagram: @jlwdz23 / @jakobwaechter / @liudezordo


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